When approaching from west, after Ayın Bay, and from east, after Karasöğüt you can reach Okluk Bay. This bay is actually called "Değirmendere Bay". İf you check in to this bay from north, on your right you will see English Harbour.

It is called "English Harbour" beacuse during World War, English destroyers take shelter in the sunrise here after bombing German ships at night. Just below to the south presidency residental is located. And if you look on your left you will see the famous mermaid statue which is made by sailor Sadun Boro. After that you will see and reach to the enormous bay Okluk and Denizkızı Kaptan Restaurant.

You can also reach our restaurant from road but you have to follow a unsealed road for a while. You can find some maps for sea and road below.

For the road access, you can choose Okluk Bay detour from Datça road or take the Karacasöğüt detour after Taşhan on the Marmaris - Muğla Road.